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PMGC Cloud platform provides automated provisioning of infrastructure over the Internet. You can provision, scale virtual, physical servers, storage, networking, load balancing, and firewalls in real time across our data centres using a web-based management console. PMGC Cloud infrastructure is ideal if you need instant access to highly available multi-server environments. You can access and operate it using standard network protocols and IP addresses—no new technical skills or specialised equipment are required.

Dedicated Hosting

At PMGC our UK dedicated servers are supported by our in house experts who monitor and maintain your server environment, security hardening, software updates, and day to day maintenance, 24 hours a day, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business. Hosted in our UK data centres on high-specification infrastructure, we’ll quickly get you up and running with a brand new dedicated server that’s tailored to your business needs. And once it’s live, we have technical staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.


As a colocation provider we offer full racks and private suits along with other hosting services such as: server colocation, dedicated servers, managed services, backup solutions, dedicated firewalls, monitoring, smart hands services and much more.

IP Transit Services

IP Transit provides clients with un-contended premium high speed connectivity to any location reachable on the global Internet. PMGC provides scalable and reliable IP transit using its full mesh intelligent BGP network with a mix of global tier one bandwidth providers and connectivity to leading peering exchanges. Our IP Transit is diverse, resilient and burstable. In addition, it provides the most efficient possible route to your destination with low latency, low packet loss and stringent SLAs. Our IP Transit can be delivered using either static assignments or dynamically using the standards based BGPv4 protocol if you have an Autonomous System Number (ASN) of your own.

Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet service provides a cost-effective point-to-point Ethernet connection between The London Hosting Data Centre and Telehouse Docklands. The Metro Ethernet service runs exclusively on our diverse fibre ring ensuring we can guarantee both reliability and service level agreements. Customers have the choice of extending the Metro Ethernet service onto other Data Centres via partners in Telehouse Docklands.

10GE Wavelengths

Wavelength service is a scalable solution for low latency connection between The London Hosting Data Centre and Telehouse Docklands. A choice of Protected Wave, Diverse Waves and Point-to-Point Waves are available with variable service level agreements. Wavelengths offers an efficient cost profile for customers with large bandwidth requirements while minimizing capital and technical expertise whilst maintaining the highest security standards.

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