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Business Mobile Solutions

Looking for that right mobile solution that offers you great-value benefits and extras that meets your expectations


Looking to expand, relocate or upgrade your business communications? We can deliver the solution you need.

Converged Solutions and Cloud

Explore our Converged Solutions & Cloud Based Services that enhances your business productivity & collaboration.


No matter what level of IT support requirements you desire, we have a package to support your business needs.


No matter what level of IT support requirements you desire, we have a package to support your business needs.

Can you manage your business apps and security on all your mobile devices from a central location?

Business Mobile Solution

Businesses today are faced with tough challenges to lower costs and managing efficiency and we know that being able to adapt to change is hugely important to you and your business.

At PMGC we can build the right mobile solution that offers great-value benefits and extras making it easy for you to overcome these challenges and by simplifying your business communications we will help you keep them efficient, resilient and secure.

PMGC Solutions

How much are missed telephone calls costing your business?

Fixed Line, Broadband
& Data Networks

In today's fast-paced society fixed line IP telephony or traditional telephone systems are an integral part of office based businesses. Not all communication solutions provides the agility or flexible that could adapt with the requirements of end users or the business.

We are focused on customer needs and offer a variety of solutions (VoIP, Cloud-based, Data Networks & SIP telephony solutions) to suit every business fixed line requirements. We ensure a smooth installation, transition of data and highest-quality calls that your business expects and demands. Our IP hosted telephony solutions give you transparent per user pricing on fixed lease terms with no upfront capital expenditure. It makes everyone and everything more efficient, and your communications easier to manage.

Choosing the right telephony system and broadband enables your business to revitalise productivity and deliver cost savings across your organisation.

PMGC Solutions

Can your employee’s access office documents irrespective of location?

Converged Solutions
& Cloud

Converged Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, leaving today’s business leaders looking for ways to best use of technology and communication solutions to drive new strategies and gain a competitive edge.

The challenges remain clear, with so many business leaders struggling on selecting the right solution to improve productivity and efficiency whiles looking at reducing capex. That’s why it’s key to build the right converged solution with the right partner to deliver operational efficiencies that will ready your business for today and into the future.

PMGC Solutions

Enterprise productivity has gone mobile. Are you ready to support it and protect corporate data?

IT Service Management
& Support

PMGC have been providing scalable, robust and cost effective IT solutions to companies throughout the region. Whether it’s supplementing, supporting, consulting or collaborating; PMGC provides exactly what your IT resource needs, when they need it.

Our solutions and services gives you access to the very latest enterprise level technology and managed IT support services, all tailored to your exact business requirements. We have proven technical expertise to design, configure and maintain your hardware and applications so enabling you to plan ahead and ensuring you get the best return from your IT investment.

PMGC Solutions

Microsoft ended support for windows server 2003. Is your business prepared for new security vulnerabilities?

Managed Hosting

PMGC have been providing outstanding Managed Hosting with 100% uptime* since inception to companies throughout the region. We have the technical expertise to design, configure and maintain your hardware and applications so that you can concentrate on running your business.

We deliver different levels of Managed Hosting, depending on your needs. From Managed Infrastructure platforms, through to Managed Backup and Managed Applications – we partner with your IT team to design and deliver a solution that’s agile and robust for your business.

PMGC Solutions

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