PMGC transform business performance by helping our customers embrace current and emerging technologies.We make our customers ‘Weightless’, giving them the freedom to work effectively and efficiently, both in, and out of the office.
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Change the way you live, by changing the way you work with Weightless Office.
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Take our #WeightlessWorking Assessment and gain insight into how you could really change the way you work or your business operates…Forever.

Hosted Desktop in the Cloud
Discover how PMGC hosted desktop solution can transform your business performance regardless of location or device. Your office really can be anywhere with our SmartDesk.  >>>
New investment into PMGC
PMGC Technology group announces today, that Shez Cheema, former Finance Director in PMGC Technology Group completed the acquisition of PMGC on Monday 22nd December 2014 and will continue to drive the company forward striving to reach PMGC's goal of becoming the largest Unified Mobility Communications Company in the UK. >>>
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